Grandpa. Short poems for children

Grandpa. Short poems for children

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Poems help children to express their emotions, to understand their feelings and to know the world around them. It is also a perfect way through which they can learn new vocabulary, exercise their memory and learn small concepts of poetry such as what is a rhyme, a stanza or a verse.

This poem, 'Grandpa', dedicated to grandparents, it is a perfect gift that the grandson can make to his grandparents if he memorizes it and recites it out loud, he will love it!

For reading so many stories

Grandpa's eyes grew

and hides them behind glasses

How hair is missing on the crown

the chin grew

It has a I don't know what and a what I know

what makes me stick to him

like bread with butter

He has the gestures of a great magician

elves come out of his socks

And so they don't escape

he walks slowly with his cane

A cat! Also has…

A cat!

Who likes to sleep

next to his… shoes!

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