Children's Fable: The Woman and the Hen

Children's Fable: The Woman and the Hen

Aesop wrote "The woman and the hen", a fable for children that will make them reflect on what happens when a person is greedy. A simple literary composition with animated characters that will provide the little ones with an entertaining and didactic reading.

This story shows us through its protagonist, that by going in search of a greater benefit you can end up losing what you had before. A great teaching that reminds us that we must be wise in life To preserve the benefits it gives us!

Once upon a time there was a hen that laid every day a golden egg. Its owner was rubbing her hands happily, but one morning she said to herself:

-If with what he eats he puts an egg a day, if I gave him double the grain, he might put two.

No sooner said than done. From that day on, the hen had a double ration of food. So she started getting fat and getting fat, and she got so fat that she couldn't lay any more eggs.

Moral: For being greedy, in the end the woman was left with nothing.

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