What is hypopressive gymnastics. Postpartum exercises

What is hypopressive gymnastics. Postpartum exercises

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Do you know what is cardiac exercise? Why is it better than conventional abdominal gymnastics after delivery? The expert physiotherapist Silvia Balaguer (EmMe Physiotherapy Center), explains to us the advantages of performing hypopressive gymnastics in the postpartum compared to conventional exercises and why it recommends hypopressive exercises to a woman who has just had a baby.

Hypopressive gymnastics consists of performing a series of exercises based on the control of breathing and the diaphragm to raise the viscera, both the uterus, the bladder and the intestine. By raising these muscles, in a reflex way, it is possible to affect the pelvic and abdominal area.

Hypopressive exercises they are abdominal exercises, only there is a big difference with conventional exercises:

- Hypopressive abdominal exercises are done without intra-abdominal pressure.

- Conventional exercises: we do an abdominal exercise and the pressure inside the abdomen increases a lot. This pushes the viscera against the pelvic floor, and when the pelvic floor is not well, as it happens postpartum, it is a problem, since we cannot do abdominal work of that type.

The hypopressive abdominal exercise, by not exerting pressure on the pelvic floor, can be performed from the first moment of postpartum, even without having yet recovered the pelvic floor.

It also has another advantage: we work a lot with deep abs, especially in the transverse abdomen. This is what makes us able to get a flat stomach later, since the classic abdominal exercises work more in the superficial area, and we do not have that flat stomach feeling.

Of course, with hypopressive gymnastics posture is also improved, how much changed during pregnancy. The goal is for the back, abdomen, shoulders, and knees to return to their pre-pregnancy position.

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