Alicia wants to be a singer. Children's stories about effort

Alicia wants to be a singer. Children's stories about effort

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Success does not usually knock on the door, few and very few are those who have a huge stroke of luck that catapults them to stardom. Success must be worked on, with effort and perseverance.

This teaching is important for children and we can make them understand it through this original story by Marisa Alonso Santamaría: Alicia wants to be a singer. A children's story about how effort and constant work are essential to achieve our dreams.

Alicia wanted to be a singer. I sang and sang all the time running around the house; in the living room, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in his bedroom but, there was a little problem, his family knew he did not do it very well.

- Why don't you take a singing class? - Her mother told her one day seeing the girl so excited, - They told me that there is a teacher around the corner who ...

But Alicia, she was very embarrassed, shook her head and ran up the stairs to her bedroom.

A few months later, her father, aware that his daughter was not tuning well and seeing the effort she continued to sing, insisted:

- Alicia, I have spoken with a singing teacher who would be happy to have you among his students.

But the girl again shook her head without saying a word and ran away in the direction of the garden of the house.

After a while it was her brothers who stood in front of the little girl and said:

- Alicia, if you really want to be a singer, you have to go learn or you will never achieve your dream - and very seriously left the room.

For the first time, Alicia did not run and stopped to think when she saw her brothers worried about her.

He pondered all night and finally decided that his family was right. The next morning she spoke with her parents and began teaching singing classes that afternoon.

Found attending classes to be a lot of fun, much more than I would have imagined. He learned the musical notes, to breathe, to tune his voice, to work with the vocal cords without straining his throat and, most importantly, to enjoy and enjoy music every day more and to make new friends.

Her family was happy seeing the progress of the little girl, each time she tuned better and, in addition, she began to sing in front of her companions, losing her shyness.

One day, he surprised everyone by announcing that he was going to sing at the city theater. Her whole family went to see her that day and it was so successful that they were very proud of Alicia and began to boast of having a great artist at home.

This is how Alicia, pushed by all those who loved her, learned to sing very well and now she only sings on tour and at home when asked.

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