Traditional Peruvian recipes for children and pregnant women

Traditional Peruvian recipes for children and pregnant women

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Peruvian recipes they use legumes, meat, cheese and fish. They are nutritious and of course, they do not forget to present themselves in a palatable way for children. From a healthy fish ceviche to some yucca empanadas. Recipes that can also be a fantastic option for the pregnant women menu.

Since we have selected a series of recipes typical of Peru. Stuffed empanadas, loin with vegetables, stuffed cause ... Choose the recipe that best suits your tastes and dare to try new ingredients.

Lomo saltado. The lomo saltado is one of the most popular dishes in Peruvian cuisine. On our site we teach you how to cook lomo saltado step by step, a recipe from Peru that mixes the Asian tradition of sautéing vegetables with Peruvian ingredients.

Causa stuffed with prawns. Cause is a traditional dish from Peru, it can be prepared in many different ways, be it chicken or tuna. On our site we have prepared it stuffed with prawns since its mild flavor and ease of digesting make it an ideal dish for children.

Stuffed empanadas. Recipe for empanadas stuffed with meat. our site offers a Peruvian recipe that children will love: stuffed empanadas. An easy and very versatile recipe for the whole family.

Peruvian cheese rubber. Typical Peruvian dishes to make with children. Cheese rub. Easy Peruvian recipes. Typical food of Peru. How to make cheese rubber step by step.

Yuca Empanadas. If you want to learn how to make delicious yucca empanadas, follow this recipe. An easy Peruvian recipe to make with children. Cassava empanadas stuffed with cheese. Traditional dish from Peru. Prepare some cassava empanadas step by step. our site has prepared one of the richest recipes in Peru.

Fish ceviche. Ceviche, ceviche or sebiche is one of the star recipes of Peruvian cuisine. In this case, our site has prepared a fish ceviche, a dish that consists of marinated fish with a lemon dressing. Learn how to make a fish ceviche, step by step. Peruvian recipes for the family.

Fish and prawn ceviche. We teach you how to make Peruvian fish and prawn ceviche in a very simple and homemade way. You just have to follow the step by step of this video. Check the results!

Petacones. Recipe to learn how to make patacones, a very popular recipe in Peru. We teach you how to make an original and healthy snack for your children.

Quinoa sandwich. We teach you how to make a quinoa sandwich for the children's snack. It is a recipe of Peruvian origin that provides proteins of vegetable origin for children.

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