Santo Joaquín Day, July 26. Names for boys

Santo Joaquín Day, July 26. Names for boys

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Joaquin is a name for a boy of Hebrew origin which means 'God will build'. It is a name with a special musicality that will be perfect for your child.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, its use is very familiar and in recent years it has been gaining popularity thanks to the trend to rescue some traditional names. He celebrates his name day on July 26, which is the day of San Joaquín.

Because of the meaning of his name, Joaquín He has a charismatic personality that exudes charm and sensitivity. Joaquín triumphs in social relationships because of his sympathy and wit and he does not lack character to face any adversity. In addition, Joaquín is a hard-working and entrepreneurial person, so he usually achieves his goals in any project he undertakes.

The name Joaquín is known throughout the world with some variations thanks to the biblical tradition. We find variants such as Joachim, Jokin, Quim, Ximo, Quimi or Yakim, all of them very attractive and that remind us of many famous people. Joaquín has the advantage of being a name that exudes sensitivity and character alike, which is why we are faced with the ideal name for your son.

It may help you choose the baby's name to remember such charismatic figures as the Spanish musician Joaquín Rodrigo, author of the 'Concert of Aranjuez' or the most recognized Spanish singer-songwriter Joaquín Sabina, a music legend whose lyrics have become the soundtrack of the lives of so many people.

In addition, we meet the American actor of Puerto Rican origin, Joaquín Phoenix and the attractive Spanish actor Quim Gutiérrez. Although a figure who is especially dear to us and who has taken your son's name to the top is the Argentine humorist Quino, father of the endearing and satirical Mafalda.

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