When the child does not want to do homework

When the child does not want to do homework

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Crying, apathy, arguments, bad answers ... the afternoon can turn into a real hell when it comes to doing homework. Getting distracted by a fly becomes a real phrase, but not just with a fly, but with the pencil, the eraser, a spot on the table, the cat, or a speck of dust.

The truth is that the latest studies have revealed how children are more unmotivated than ever when it comes to coping with school tasks; Perhaps it would be necessary to look for a clear culprit in the educational system, which is so inefficient that it needs extra hours at home to be able to consolidate the contents that are given in classes.

We have to find a way to motivate the children so that the afternoon at home does not become torture, both for parents and children. These are the solutions of our site when the child does not want to do homework.

These are 10 tricks when it comes to facing the great challenge of motivating our son with homework, when the child does not want to do homework.

1- First of all, talk to your child and ask him why it is so hard for him to do his homework. There may be a worrying reason that you should solve: tiredness, lack of sleep, restlessness due to an internal problem, lack of work space, overload of homework ...

2- Don't pretend it's Steve Jobs, it is enough that he is happy with his work. Your requirement must be according to your age. Do not judge his homework through adult eyes, what costs you five minutes may cost him 20.

3- Have more patience. Do not yell at him or force him, the child must associate homework with something positive for him. If you see that your nerves lead you to take out your bloody killer look, you better go for a walk around the house, take a few deep breaths, and return with renewed energy.

4- Do not punish him. Punishments are not usually the best allies and you will associate them with homework being a negative. It is preferable to reward him with something, if possible non-material, such as a while playing together afterwards, to help you make dinner alone without his siblings, or letting him play with something he likes.

5- Don't rush him, even if it takes all afternoon. There are children who do not function under pressure, and who need to improve their self-esteem, so put aside all those phrases such as: Still out there! Easy as it is! And those snorts and faces of despair; and replace them with some: heh, you've already done a lot! This is going very well for you! A hug, and a love.

6- Don't do his homework. I know that it is very complicated that after an hour looking at the same exercise you do not end up ripping the pencil out of his hands and do it yourself, but you must stay with the desire, the teacher knows that you know how to do it, so if he does not know how to do something You have two options: explain it to them and try to do it only with your help, or leave the exercise blank so that the teacher knows that this exercise does not understand it and should have a greater impact on their learning. Don't let her depend on you to do her homework.

8- Create a daily routine. It can be first having a snack, then doing homework and then playing; and do not give up at the first change, you must always do the same.

9- Set small challenges to achieve with compensation: Do you want me to teach you to add with carries? ... you can surprise your teacher! And invent games to encourage mathematical operations such as letters, or writing by making notes to their classmates.

10- If problems persist, maybe you should talk to your teacher to know if it is also difficult for you to do the exercises at school or it is only at home, to know where the problem may be, or if external help is needed.

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