Contact Lenses for Children: Yes or No?

Contact Lenses for Children: Yes or No?

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More and more children who wear contact lenses daily to go to school or do some sporting activity. A friend put it to her 11-year-old daughter and it seems that they are happy since now the girl feels safer to run, play, without worrying that a blow could break the glasses she used before. Does your child wear contact lenses? How has your adaptation to the lenses been? It's more, What do you think about this debate ?: Contact lenses for children, yes or no?

The advantages of the use of contact lenses by children are immense:

1. The contact lenses better protect the child's eye against the entry of particles, they act as a shield against possible collisions or balls.

2. They facilitate the practice of a sport (very important for their development), and they give a lot of security to the child to run, jump, and move.

3. In addition, contact lenses are recommended for cases of cataracts (in childhood), amblyopia, and also to solve myopia with large differences in vision between the two eyes.

Contact lenses must be adapted to the needs and visual problems of children. They are usually indicated for children between 5 and 6 years old, when they are able to tie themselves to the shoes. For the little ones, it is recommended that the parents put on or take off the contact lenses. When choosing a contact lens for your child, keep in mind that the lenses are low maintenance, easy to use, that allow the eye to breathe, and that the adaptation process is as smooth as possible.

My daughter is nearsighted but I think it is still too early for her to wear contact lenses, mostly because she is not very careful with her things yet. Although they say that the new contact lenses are designed for children, that is, that can be used daily and are easy to use and that they do not require any type of special care, I prefer to wait for my daughter to mature a little more in the organization, before giving her some contact lenses. Still I was looking at the prices but it is very difficult to establish a table. They vary a lot. They depend on the diopters, the type of correction, the model, material, and whether or not the lenses are disposable.

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