Trick to learn to divide by a figure in a simple way

Trick to learn to divide by a figure in a simple way

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To learn to divide, your child must be very good at all multiplication tables. Otherwise, you will not be able to divide. Once you know all the multiplication tables, you can learn to divide easily with these steps. It teaches you a great trick to learn how to divide by a number in a simple way... and fast!

The trick to divide faster by a number It consists of pointing to the right of the operation and with a pencil (or another sheet that does not work) the multiplication table that you need to do the full division. We will explain it to you step by step:

1. Imagine that you are going to divide 482 by 4. Well, the multiplication table that you are going to use is that of 4, since you must find a number that when multiplying by 4, approximates the figures of 482. Write down the table of four complete aside.

2. Now we must look at the number you have to divide: 482. The first number you can divide by four is 4, the first number of that figure. Why? Because there is a number that multiplied by 4 gives us that figure ... and it's 1! Four times one gives us four. We subtract it from four. It gives us zero. We lower the next figure ... 8.

3. Is there a number that multiplied by four gives us 8? Of course! The two! Four times 2 is 8, so we subtract it from 8. Again 0. We lower the next number: 2.

4. Here comes the problem ... What number multiplied by four gives us 2? None. So we look for the closest number that does not exceed 2. It is zero. Four times zero equals zero. We put it under 2 and subtract. The result of the subtraction is four. That is the rest. Our result is 120.

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