A fire in the jungle. Children's stories about cooperation

A fire in the jungle. Children's stories about cooperation

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A fire in the jungle is a children's story by Marisa Alonso Santamaría that reminds children of a very important value: cooperation. A children's story that teaches children how important it is to help each other.

With this story the children will be able to learn why it is necessary that we all collaborate. In addition, it teaches us that sometimes life gives us second chances and we have to take advantage of them. And the fact is that, in addition to entertaining children, stories convey great lessons to them.

That day the two cute brothers were especially unruly, driving everyone crazy with their screams and mischief. They played hide behind the trees, to see who screamed the most, to swing from the highest branches, to do cartwheels in the air. They played happily until lunchtime and then, exhausted from sleep, fell asleep lying at the foot of a tree.

When the fire started; birds chirped, lions roared, hyenas screamed, coyotes howledElephants swept, snakes hissed, frogs croaked, bumblebees buzzed, and the little monkeys didn't wake up.

As evening fell, the fire grew and was quickly fed by the wind that was blowing strongly that day.

The animals crossed their eyes asking for help without knowing where to escape and ran screaming in terror looking for a way out among the flames.

The monkeys started coughing, their eyes were red, and they didn't know what had happened. There was nothing left of the peaceful landscape they had left when they fell asleep. They looked at each other in terror, not knowing what to do. His parents weren't around. They felt that they were short of air, it was very hot and, they did not see where to go out due to the intense smoke that was in the environment. The brothers embraced and huddled crying with their backs to the terrifying landscape.

The elephants with their trunks poured water to make the path that led to the lake accessible. The hippos were removing the smoking fallen logs suffering serious burns. The birds rescued the little ones at the cost of losing their wings. Many animals did their best to help the weakest and get out of this tragedy alive.

A very fearful crocodile, heard the moans of the monkeys and, although he thought to run fearing for his life, he went towards them and, seeing them so defenseless, he raised the two little brothers to his back and ran towards the lake. On the way, he found a little fawn half asphyxiated and, although he thought about the time he would lose, he lowered his huge head so that the animal would also climb on his back to save him. He ran again looking for the water and, he found a bird with burned wings and, again, it opened its large jaws and transported the animal at the same time as a small mouse and a snake jumped into its mouth. The flames, smoke, and ash made it difficult to see the path to the lake clearly, but at last he managed to enter the water just as the fire burned his tail.

Suddenly it began to thunder and the rays zigzagged illuminating the land. The animals looked up at the sky begging for rain. And it rained for hours until not a single coal was left burning. Afterwards, the animals cried sadly and fell silent in the face of such a desolate landscape.

The next morning the sun rose and a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky that crossed the earth from side to side and, then, a small flower grew from the black earth before the eyes of all the animals. The grateful monkeys hugged the fearful crocodile that, overcoming his fear he had saved his life and that of the other animals and, like little monkeys that they were, they jumped happily among the burned logs, responding to the call of their alarmed and happy parents. Life offered them a new opportunity.

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