Ringworm school outbreak triggers parental concern

Ringworm school outbreak triggers parental concern

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I no longer remembered the last time I had heard of a case of ringworm, when this morning I heard on the radio that an outbreak of ringworm was confirmed in a school in Alcobendas, a town near Madrid. Although it is an easy disease to treat, it is a very contagious infection.

When you hear the word tubWhat does it sound like to you like something very old and post-war? It is assumed that this disease was eradicated for years in Spain. Despite its appearance and the striking name, ringworm is not serious, it responds well to medical treatment, although it is easily transmitted by direct contact between the skin.

The tub It usually affects both the scalp and the body of any person, especially the nails, soles of the feet (athlete's foot), scalp, groin, as well as any area of ​​the skin with little hair.

It is produced by a group of fungi called dermatophytes and it can be detected when it is observed that small reddish and scaly bumps appear on the skin, in the form of a ring and with raised edges, in addition to hair loss. It tends to itch a lot and is very annoying. In children, ringworm affects the scalp more. In the feet, it is usually contracted by walking barefoot in swimming pools or public showers.

Ringworm is a contagious disease and its origin is associated with poor hygiene conditions and pets (cats, hamsters, dogs ...). In summer, as prevention, children should wear flip flops in the pools, as well as wash their hands often, shower after practicing contact sports and especially, if they present some of the symptoms of this disease, take it to the doctor.

The treatment is very effective. Depending on where the ringworm appears, the child will be treated locally or orally. From what is known, this is not the first time that cases of ringworm have been detected in this school. In November last year, some were confirmed and it is suspected that some of the old cases that had not completed the treatment could be the cause of this new outbreak. Parents are asked to take extreme hygiene measures for their children.

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