Ideal menu to eat on the beach with the children

Ideal menu to eat on the beach with the children

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The holidays arrive and it is common to go out on a picnic either to the beach, the mountains or the pool and since the holidays have been made to enjoy and rest, sometimes you do not want to spend many hours in the kitchen to prepare food.

However, it is important to highlight that a healthy diet and good hydration must be present, taking care of the health of our children does not take vacations. You can follow these ideas for sandwiches, salads and skewers to create an ideal menu to eat on the beach with the children.

These are healthy and nutritious proposals for sandwiches or snacks or wrap to eat on the beach with the children:

- Whole wheat bread with ham and cheese (classic)

- Whole wheat bread with tuna and cherry tomato

- Whole wheat bread with boiled egg, lettuce, tomato, grated carrot

- Whole wheat bread with prawns and chopped lettuce

- Potato omelette sandwich

- Lettuce, tomato, ham and cheese wrap

- Wrap with pieces of chicken and avocado

To make the most practical preparations you can buy preserves to make sandwiches or wraps, for example: natural tuna, prawns or natural cockles, and if you don't feel like preparing the omelette you can find it already ready in the supermarket.

In addition, you can incorporate an infinite variety of types of whole grain breads, whether they are wheat, oats, rye, with or without seeds, or simply use the corn tortillas that are thinner and easier to eat.

- Whole wheat pasta salad with fresh spinach, walnuts, raisins, cherry tomato and bits of cheese.

- Brown rice salad with cucumber, black olives and dried or fresh tomato.

- Potato and beet salad.

- Quinoa and brown rice salad with mushrooms and grated carrots.

- Whole wheat pasta salad with chicken pieces, sweet corn and curry.

- Couscous salad with artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes and olives.

- Couscous salad with carrots, raisins, celery, parsley and chickpeas.

- Fresh vegetable stew (potato, peas, carrot)

The ideal is to use fresh food, but also in the supermarket you will find many canned vegetables, for example canned potatoes (glass or vacuum packed), beets (vacuum packed), cans of preserves such as mushrooms, sweet corn, dried tomato, olives, ready-to-eat vegetable stew, etc .; In the case of chicken, you can also find small bags of roast chicken cut into small pieces, and finally the brown rice, quinoa are packaged and that only by placing in the microwave for a couple of minutes they will be ready to eat.

- You can prepare hummus or guacamole (you can also buy it ready-made in the supermarket), you can accompany it with whole grains or carrot and celery sticks.

- Olives, pickles, onions, nuts, boiled egg, cherry tomato, vegetable sticks (cucumber, celery, carrot)

- Tomatoes stuffed with stuffed tuna or boiled egg.

- Chicken and cherry tomato skewers, or with red peppers, you can find canned pepper. Be careful and buy the dull toothpicks.

- Cold soups such as gazpacho or salmorejo.

- Dumplings or quiche or cold tartlets of:

- Spinach, cottage cheese and walnuts.

- Cream cheese and pieces of ham.

- Cream cheese and mushrooms.

- Tomato and tuna.

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