The rock of the maidens. Children's story for the night of San Juan

The rock of the maidens. Children's story for the night of San Juan

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Stories are a very educational resource and tool for children. Through the stories and experiences they tell us, children can learn values ​​and thus understand many things that happen to us. This tale of The rock of the maidens, a story to tell to children especially on the night of the feast of San Juan, tells of a fisherman who fell in love with a fairy named Sara, who lived on a rock and who only appeared on the feast days of San Juan.

This story happened one night in San Juan a long, long time ago ... They say that Remigio Lantaño went fishing every day in his boat. Even on holidays, like those of San Juan, he had to go fishing if he wanted to eat and have something to celebrate.

At dawn he was already at the exit of the estuary. In front was the one known as'Rock of the Maidens', a large rock that stood out in the sea and that owed its name to the popular belief that there were imprisoned fairies.

Remigio smiled as he remembered the stories his grandmother told him when he was little about some maidens who could only come out of the rock on Saint John's Day. So he was a child who had a grandmother and parents.

As he rowed, he thought he sensed movement at the foot of the rock. And when he looked, a beautiful maiden with long dark hair came out of her and let herself be caressed by the waves as she combed her hair. But, as the maiden saw her, she disappeared.

Another girl appeared, this time she was blonde and doing the same as the first. Remigio did not resist the temptation to divert the boat towards the rock. There was something he did not understand: How was it possible that the girls disappeared?

And while I was thinking about this, another maiden, this time with red hair, was repeating the same thing as the others. According to her grandmother, if she met a fairy she had to be careful not to scare them. He decided to hide in the rock and watch, but a dark-haired fairy appeared near him.

Staring at him, she told him that her name was Sara and that she knew him because every day she observed him fishing in the sea. She also explained that she lived enclosed in the rock.

As he spoke, a tunnel opened in the rock through which the girls slipped in and out. Sara was being attracted to him when Remigio remembered her grandmother's advice: 'whoever wants to retain a fairy must place his boat at the foot of the rock and shout the name of his beloved very loudly ...'

Remigio did not hesitate. He got into his boat, rowed under the strange luminous tunnel, and shouted loudly:

- Sara, Sara, jump!

Sara's eyes lit up with joy and she jumped into the boat. They rowed north to get away from that land. Remigio was afraid that, another night of San Juan, Sara would disappear and he would not bear it since he was very much in love. This is how they started a new life. Only once a year did Remigio's fears return: The night of San Juan.

But, nothing ever happened because as her grandmother told her: 'fairies who are capable of love, earn the right to live an entire human life.'

Carlos Reigosa story

1. Who was Remigio Lantaño?

2. What did Lantaño see when he left in the boat on San Juan's day?

3. Who has Lantaño fallen in love with?

4. What did Lantaño have to do to get his beloved free?

5. What have you learned from this story? Did you like the story?

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