Caballitos with pool churros. Homemade toy crafts

Caballitos with pool churros. Homemade toy crafts

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To have toys you do not always have to pay a huge amount of money, we can also make them and even children can help us to do it.

We propose you to create horses with pool churros. A very fun craft to create homemade toys. This horse can serve as a complement to a children's costume or to have a great time playing cowboys.


  • Churro or pool tube
  • Colored eva rubber
  • Rubber
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue gun

1. Take a churro or pool tube and fold it at the top, hold it with a rubber band

2. Cut out two black foam rubber circles to make the muzzle. Now cut out a white circle of white eva rubber and a smaller one of blue eva rubber. Cut one end and glue them together, they will be the eyes. Glue the eyes and muzzle to the pool noodle.

3. To make the ears, cut out a pink triangle and a smaller nude color, fold them inward, and glue them together. Repeat the operation to make the other ear. Then stick them in the churro on both sides of this rocking horse with pool churros.

4. To make the horse's mane, take a rectangle of yellow eva rubber and trim spikes along it.

5. To finish, we just have to make a small fringe and ... ride!

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