Visit Rome with the children. Practical travel guide

Visit Rome with the children. Practical travel guide

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Choosing a destination to travel with children raises many questions, and one of them is knowing which place to choose. Rome can be a good choice for our children to discover a place full of history but also fun.

In Rome, children can discover monuments and museums full of works of art, the remains of the Roman Empire. But they can also enjoy a good ice cream strolling through its streets or dine on a delicious Italian pizza.

Pasta, pizza and ice cream may be enough arguments to convince children to travel to Rome, but there they will discover much more.

Rome is a city full of history, and we can find surprising corners full of small churches, statues, temples ...

The diversity that Rome offers is an opportunity for children to explore and learn in a fun way.

The Colosseum, the Vatican or the Trevi Fountain are some of the most famous monuments in the world that you will find in the city.

For children there are also many fun alternatives, such as searching for passages in Castel San't Angelo, tossing a coin in the Fountain or taking a picture with a Roman centurion.

And if you want to rest from so much visit, you can get lost in the beautiful squares of Rome.

Do not forget to buy the children a good artisan ice cream or take them to fun museums.

To make your trip to Rome perfect, here is a guide with practical tips, useful information to know before you travel and once you have arrived.

Hotels, restaurants, museums ... with children planning is complicated, but it is essential if we want our vacations to be unforgettable.

If you want to see photos of the places of interest in Rome, monuments and museums, enter our gallery by clicking HERE.

Teresa Guerra. Copywriter

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