How to get to Rome and transport in the city

How to get to Rome and transport in the city

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When we start planning a trip with the children, one of the first things we will look at will be the best means of transport to get to and around the city, that's why here you have all the information about Rome.

The Italian capital has good communications, airports and roads, but we must take into account all the options when we go to travel children to choose the most appropriate to their tastes and needs.


Rome is a very accessible city in different ways, and one of the most common for tourists is the plane.

The city of Rome has two airports: Fiumicino and Ciampino, where various airlines operate, including low-cost ones.

Both from Spain and from Latin America, there are many companies that offer flights to Rome, at different prices depending on the distance.

Among the flight operators are some such as Iberia, Argentine Airlines, Alitalia, Vueling, Ryanair or Easyjet, which offer different rates and include prices for children and families.

Transfer from the airport

To get from the airport to the city center (Termini station) there are several options depending on the airport where we have landed.

Two bus companies, Terravisión and SIT, operate from Fiumicino and Ciampino, with a price of € 8 round trip (children up to 4 years travel free). They have an approximate frequency of 30 minutes, and are one of the most common options.

From Fiumicino, we can also choose the 'Leonardo Express' or the FR-1. The first option is a special train with a frequency of 30 minutes and it leaves from track 24.

The FR-1 is the regular line, so it stops at all stations, it is slower but cheaper (€ 8 each way) and you have several stops, it may be convenient depending on where the hotel is located. It also has a frequency of 30 minutes.

Both airports also have the urban bus line, Cotral, of which it is convenient to consult the different routes and links with the metro to choose the best option. You can also use a taxi, shared minivan or rented car.


Train and bus links operate both from Spain and other European cities that allow us to travel to Rome. The Tenes line, Ferrovie dello Stato, runs throughout the country and reaches Termini Station in Rome, although transfers may be required.

One option by bus is the Eurolines Buses, although it can be an excessive and tiring journey to travel with children.

Metro, city bus and train

The metro network in Rome has only two lines, which intersect at Termini station and have a route that covers the axis of the city.

The buses are much more complete, with numerous regular lines, day and night, and the tram service is also very good.

The single bus and metro ticket from the ATAC company costs € 1, other options are the daily ticket (€ 4 with unlimited trips), for 3 days (€ 11) or 7 days (€ 16).


If you are traveling from Spain or other European cities, the car is a very practical option for traveling with children, as it allows us greater flexibility, although the journey can be long and last several days.

Another option is to travel by plane and rent a car upon arrival, with which we can tour the city. In this case there are two drawbacks: the difficulty of parking and the fact that moving around the city can be chaotic, both due to the narrow streets in the downtown area and the way Italians generally drive.

In any case, it is advisable to check the route well, organize stops every so often in rest areas and schedule activities and games for children.

You also have to check the prices of tolls and fuel, as they vary.


The price of the taxi is, of course, higher than that of public transport, but it offers great flexibility and we may have to resort to them if the children are tired or we have an emergency.

Taxi ranks are found throughout the city of Rome, and you can also call Radio Taxi at (06) 3570.

Taxi rates vary according to the schedule (between € 2.80 and € 5.80) and a price per kilometer of € 0.92.

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