The use of medications while breastfeeding

The use of medications while breastfeeding

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Medications are contraindicated during pregnancy, but what happens after the baby is born? Can you take medicines while breastfeeding? It is one of the most common doubts of new moms.

According to a report by the Breastfeeding Committee of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, called 'Drugs and Breastfeeding', in more than 95% of the drugs sold in the pharmacy have as a recommendation avoid the drug while breastfeeding or discontinue breastfeeding.

Many women are burdened with reading drug labels every time they get sick. Nevertheless It is estimated that 90% of the drugs are compatible with breastfeeding. Still, many mothers choose not to take a medication that they probably need, out of fear or guilt.

It is normal to doubt whether the medicine will affect the baby, reaching him through milk. As we have said, the normal thing is that most drugs do not pose any risk to the baby, although others do.

For there to be risk, three situations have to occur:

  1. That the blood absorb and transport the drug
  2. That it passes into the milk (almost all drugs do, in trace amounts)
  3. That the drug produces a negative effect for your child.

We have to bear in mind that in most of the time the amount that passes is negligible.

Other times, it may happen that the drug, still not producing any effect on the baby, changes the taste of the milk; and if this happens, the child may reject it.

And finally, remember that we have to take into account herbal medicine or the use of medicinal plants; since it can produce effects on the baby, in the amount of milk, change its taste ... And many times, since it is considered 'more natural', we think that it carries less risk, but as with drugs we must be careful.

In short, that during lactation the amount and safety of drug intake is greater than in pregnancy, where there is a greater restriction.

For more security, we can check if the drug that a mother has been prescribed is compatible with breastfeeding, or if it poses any risk to the baby.

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