Children's moles

Children's moles

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Melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer that exists, is becoming a major health problem for the entire population. The first years of children's lives are essential in the fight against skin cancer, because exposure to the sun received during childhood represents 50 percent of the exposure received throughout his life.

And the most important thing is that the skin has memory, that is, even though it is repaired, it does not forget the damage received. In childhood we consume almost 80 percent of our solar capital. So, you should pay special attention to children's moles, to detect any anomaly in time.

With the purpose of curbing the harmful effect of the sun on children and raising awareness among parents as well as their children about the risks involved in being exposed to the sun without adequate protection. The following data is striking regarding children's moles:

1. The noticeable increase in moles in children can predict an increased risk of melanoma. The appearance of moles due to the harmful effects of the sun depends on the activity that has been carried out in the open air since childhood and is currently between three and four times greater than fifty years ago.

2. Damages caused by unbridled exposure to the sun accumulate progressively on the skin

3. Children who have suffered sunburn are at increased risk of developing melanoma.

4. Should be improved children's solar habits.

5. Monitor the appearance of moles in children, especially when it comes to children.

6. Long exposures to the sun They increase the presence of moles, which are the most dangerous cancer factor in children under seven years of age, by 5 percent.

7. When the mole is asymmetrical, has irregular edges, its tone is dark and measures more than 6 millimeters, a doctor should be consulted immediately. With the arrival of summer in many corners of the world, it is convenient that we teach children what their attitude should be towards sun exposure. In fact, before the children started the holidays, a school did it through this poetry:

If you want to go to the beach, put the cream on before going out,
and if you want to enjoy the sun, glasses, cap and t-shirt you must not forget, the umbrella you must bring;
and now to the beach to play!

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