They are good friends. Short poem for children

They are good friends. Short poem for children

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Children have a hard time understanding the concept of time: hours, days, the passage of day and night ... So that they can understand the difference between day and night, we suggest that you read this short poem for children .

Children's poems are a great tool to promote and stimulate children's learning. You can also use this short poem: They are good friends to say good night and good morning to children.

The moon and the sun are never together, when the sun rises, the moon goes to sleep, and when the sun wakes up, the moon retires to rest. This poem exemplifies this idea throughout the verses. A nice short poem for children.

When it got dark

the sun went to sleep,

almost at the same time

the moon rose.

When they crossed ...

They gave two kisses,

and a big hug,

Oh, how much they love each other

the moon and the sun!

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