What are prodomes of labor

What are prodomes of labor

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If you are already a mother you will be familiar with the prodomes of childbirth, although perhaps you did not even know that they were called that. If you are pregnant with your first baby is another of the many strange words that you will hear during pregnancy, although its explanation is much easier than pronouncing it. At Guiainfantil we answer this question: What are prodomes of labor?

Prodomos of childbirth, this word, of Greek origin, announces that the time of delivery is approaching, and refers to all those symptoms that occur before you go into labor. In each woman they are different and can take place a couple of weeks before, or just a few hours before birth.

There is no need to be scared, prodromes do not really have a direct association with childbirth, but they are a warning that the time is approaching, so there is no need to rush to the hospital.

The most common prodomes of labor are:

- The famous fake Braxton Hicks contractions, which serve to train the uterine muscle. They are contractions, usually not painful but annoying, that last between 15 and 20 seconds and that disappear quickly if we rest. They are not regular and usually appear when the sun goes down, at which time oxytocin is released whose function is to cause contractions at the time of delivery. Its basic function is to soften the cervix and prepare it for delivery.

- Another prodome of labor is expulsion of the mucous plug that served to protect the baby against possible external infections. Do not be scared if you find a gelatinous substance, with traces of blood and a brown color, the time is approaching. Although it does not have to fall suddenly, but many times it slowly unravels and we hardly notice it.

- You will notice that ta bulging abdomen falls because the baby is positioned for birth and his head fits between the hips bothering us in the groin, complicating walking and causing a greater intensity of desire to pee. The good news is that your stomach will appreciate it.

- You will have the feelings to the surface because a torrent of hormones begins to invade your body to act in childbirth. It may even be that, if you have not yet experienced the nest syndrome, in which we want to clean and prepare everything for the arrival of the baby, now you cannot help it.

In principle you do not have to worry, as we have said prodomes of labor are nothing more than the symptoms that precede labor, but if you feel insecure, you notice that something is not going well, or the contractions are continuous, regular or start to be very painful, your water breaks, or if you have any bleeding, do not hesitate to grab your bag (which you should have ready for a few months before) and go to the hospital, because your baby's birth may have arrived.

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