Waxing in girls and adolescents

Waxing in girls and adolescents

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Although hair is something natural that should be worn with pride and without shame, the truth is that many girls and boys feel self-conscious when summer arrives and want to show off legs, English or armpits.

The aesthetic canons to which they have been subjecting us for years have marked both mothers and daughters, and now sons as well, so it is rare that when puberty arrives, when the hair appears, our children turn to us as a tree of absolute wisdom in terms of hair, since they have seen us wax month after month. We clarify everything you need to know about the hair removal in girls and adolescents.

The normal thing is that it is from the age of 11 or 12 when the hormones begin to play havoc with the skin of your children. The first thing is to banish that urban legend that says that girls cannot wax before their first menstruation, although it must be borne in mind that children's skin is much more sensitive than that of older ones.

So, at that time, there is no problem in resorting to the waxing in girls and adolescents as a lifeboat, but we must carefully choose the method to use:

- Laser hair removal, It is not highly recommended in minors, since it removes the hair that we have but not the one that is going to come out and adolescents are not yet fully developed, with what for a few years they will see their hairy pores grow in spite of themselves , so this method would be very time consuming and expensive.

- Hair removal with a razor It is the most used, since it is fast and cheap. However, although it may be the most used by adolescents, the truth is that it may have some contraindications such as cuts on the skin that can become infected, excessive irritation of the skin and, above all, the possibility that the hairs remain cystic. inside the pore, in addition to lasting just 4 days.

- Depilatory creams They usually have the same result as razor hair removal, but you have to be very careful with burns, since if we do not allow adequate time they can be very abrasive to the skin.

- The wax, the most common among adults, is usually too painful for adolescents, and should be done by an expert if they do not want to burn their skin.

- More recommended are the cold wax strips They require less experience and care by inexperienced hands, although they can also be very aggressive with the skin if they are not removed carefully.

- Without a doubt, the winner of the forms of waxing among teenage girls is the epilator razor Since it removes hair from the root, there are them for sensitive skin and it lasts for a long time. The only contraindication is that when you are not used to it it hurts a lot, so it will depend on the resistance of the child.

Whichever method is used, it should be someone with experience who does it for the first time.

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