Benefits of dominoes for children

Benefits of dominoes for children

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Board games offer children many advantages. In the case of dominoes, in addition to offering moments of fun, it also provides many benefits not only cognitively but also emotionally.

Dominoes, being a simple game, makes it accessible to adults and adults, in addition to being small in size, it can be easily transported and can be practiced anywhere. These are some of the benefits of dominoes for children.

This ancient game of Chinese origin, has multiple variants since not only children can play with the usual white tiles with black dots, but we can also find their variants with geometric figures, with colors, with letters or with drawings, among other adaptations.

1- One of the advantages of dominoes for children are the playful moments that allow them to keep adults and children, being an ideal game to practice as a family.

2.- Dominoes favor concentration and memory to think about the strategy to follow based on the pieces that the opponents place.

3.- Improve the mathematical knowledge by having to count the points on the cards as well as the number sequences.

4.- It favors interpersonal skills and socialization as it is a game played between several players.

5.- Helps control children's emotions both when they win and when they lose, in addition to encourage your patience waiting their turn to play.

6.- Children playing dominoes improve your visual perception by looking at the moves of the chips.

7.- Children develop logic and problem solving skills.

8.- The practice of dominoes improves psychomotor skills of children by having to correctly position the tiles during the game.

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