Rumpelstiltskin, the jumping dwarf. Traditional tale for children

Rumpelstiltskin, the jumping dwarf. Traditional tale for children

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Traditional tales They are a way to entertain children, encourage their interest in reading and also transmit values. Stories help children learn to be brave, resourceful, loyal, etc.

Among the traditional tales, the tales of the Grimm brothers, They are among the favorites of children. A good example is the story ofRumpelstiltskin, the jumping dwarf.

Once Upon a time a small kingdom where a miller and his daughter lived. One day they saw the king walking near their house, who came captivated by the beauty of the young woman. His father the miller decided to draw his attention and told him, that in addition to being beautiful, his daughter was able to turn straw into gold by spinning it with a spinning wheel. The king then decided that the girl should return with him to the palace in order to see this wonderful ability.

Once in the castle, the king ordered that the miller's daughter be taken to a room full of straw, where they had also installed a distaff:

- You have until dawn to show me that your father was telling the truth and turn this straw into gold. Otherwise, you will be banished - said the king.

The poor girl cried inconsolably for hours. When he had already lost hope, a strange goblin appeared who said:

- If you give me your necklace, I will turn all this straw into gold.

The miller's daughter gave him the jewel and the goblin began to spin the straw that was turning into gold, until there was not a blade of straw left and the room gleamed with the glitter of gold.

When the king saw the feat, guided by greed, he said:

- We'll see if you can do the same in this room- pointing to an even larger and more straw-filled room than the one the day before.

The girl was desperate, because she believed it impossible to fulfill the task. But, like the day before, the jumping goblin appeared. This time he asked for her ring in exchange for turning the straw into gold, and the young woman gave it to him without hesitation. Again, the goblin began to spin the straw and turned it into pure gold. The next morning the king saw the room full of gold, and for the third time he led the girl into a gigantic room full of straw to the roof.

"Repeat your feat for the third time and I will make you my wife," said the king.

Again the girl began to cry when the king left, and again the goblin appeared. However, the young woman no longer possessed any more jewels, she had nothing to offer him, and she told him so.

- In that case- said the goblin- you will give me your first child.

Not knowing how to get out of that situation, he promised the little man what he wanted. And once more he spun the straw and turned it into gold. When the king arrived in the morning, and all the gold he could have desired was seen, he married her and the precious miller's daughter became queen. A year later, he brought a precious child into the world and at no time did he remember the elf. But one day he appeared in his room and said:

- Give me what you promised me-

The queen was horrified and offered him all the riches of the kingdom if he would leave her son. But the goblin refused. The queen began to wail and cry, so much so that the little man felt sorry for her:

- I'll give you three days to guess my name. If you succeed, you will keep your child -

So the queen spent the whole night thinking about all the names she had heard, and she sent a messenger across the country to ask for all the names there were. When the little man arrived the next day, he began to recite the list. He said, one after another, all the names he knew, but the goblin said to all:

- That's not my name.

On the second day he had asked the neighbors their names, and she repeated the most curious and unusual:

- Maybe your name is Leg of Lamb or Long Ribbon.

- No, that's not my name- he always answered.

On the third day the messenger returned and said:

- I couldn't find any new names. But as I was climbing a large mountain at the end of a forest, I saw a rather ridiculous goblin that was jumping. He jumped on one leg and screamed:

"Today I have wine,

and tomorrow beer,

then they will bring the child without fail.

Never, whether or not they break their heads,

the name Rumpelstiltskin you will guess! "

You can imagine how happy the queen was when she heard the name. And when a little while later the goblin arrived and asked:

- Well, young queen, what is my name? I give you three chances-

The queen said:

- Is your name Conrad?

- Do not.

- Is your name Harry?

- Do not.

- Maybe your name is Rumpelstiltskin?

- How did you guess it? It is impossible! The devil told you! The little man yelled. And in his anger he sank his right foot into the ground so hard that his whole leg went in. And when he angrily tugged at the leg with both hands it snapped in two. The queen never had to worry again and lived very happily with his family.

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