Why children should never travel without a car seat and why not just anyone

Why children should never travel without a car seat and why not just anyone

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Today, we continue to see, both by city and by highways (fortunately less and less), some families who continue to take their children without the proper SRI (child safety systems); sitting on their legs and surrounded by the arms of their parents or relatives, as the only and confident fixation.

On our site we tell you why children should never go in the car without an approved seat and why any second-hand seat or from an unknown manufacturer will not work.

Why don't children have to travel without a car seat? At certain speeds, and depending on the characteristics of the accident, there is not enough force in any human arm that can contain the projection energy of the minor in the event of an impact. And we are talking about wasting only a minute in properly securing our children in their child restraint system to minimize the possibility of serious, irreversible injuries that could even lead to death.

Taking into account that a sudden stop of a car at 50 km / h is equivalent to a free fall from 9 meters and one at 100 km / h to a free fall from 39 meters, it is easy to imagine what can happen if the child does not travel subject to an approved car seat in the car.

The most frequent injuries occur in the neck and head, since their size is greater with respect to the rest of the body than in adults. From the age of 4, injuries are more frequent at the abdominal level.

1- Never skimp or try to save on something as important as the safety of our children. The use of the SRI in a car could be equivalent to the vaccines that we give our children: they do not have to be in contact with the agent that causes tetanus, but if they contacted him, we would already know that he is protected. The chair is the same; We do not have to think that we are going to have an accident, but if we do, we already know that we minimize the risk of injuries or serious consequences. All this is part of our responsibility as parents and, of course, has a direct impact on our consciousness.

2- Always go to specialized stores in these systems and always consult with the seller, who will be able to advise you on the most appropriate one based on your needs, current regulations, the characteristics of your vehicle and any other matter that you consider relevant before opting for one or the other.

3- Never frivolize about the type of route or route through which we are going to travel, no matter how short the road may be. The accident never warns and even on the most unsuspected roads or usual short journeys, we can find ourselves head-on with misfortune. The accident, many times, does not depend on us, but on any absent-minded, or even unscrupulous who does not respect the norm, who gets in our way in a thousandth of a second.

4- The time we are going to spend insuring our children will only be a matter of one minute; the time that we are going to spend in the placement of the system. No reason is valid to put it before the safety of our children. Always keep in mind the phrase with which it began: "Better to lose a minute in life, than life in a minute"

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