Hugo's training wheels. Children's Stories

Hugo's training wheels. Children's Stories

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With 'Hugo's training wheels', children will realize that growing up means overcoming challenges. And that challenges require effort and perseverance. Only with a little courage and courage will they be able to overcome fears and achieve new achievements.

Many children are afraid of stumbling or making a mistake. But those fears can be overcome. They just need a little more confidence in themselves and the certainty that they will be able to overcome whatever they set their mind to.

Hugo was already older. Or he felt that way, very old. So He didn't understand why his parents didn't want to buy him a real bike. Not a tricycle like the one he had, but a real cycling bike with which to one day become a Tour de France champion. He insisted so much and wanted her so much that finally, on his birthday, his parents gave him a beautiful bicycle.

- Love it!! Shall we go down to the park to try it?

But what Hugo didn't know is that riding a bicycle was much more complicated than he had thought. And PUMBA! Hugo hit such a smack that he even broke a tooth (Thank goodness it was a milk tooth, which was about to fall out).

After that fall, Hugo did not want to know anything about the bicycle. That machine was demonic and horrible, and the Tour de France cyclists were crazy people who risked their lives in that extremely dangerous machine. Until one day, Dad came home with a new gift: some wheels for the bicycle.

Hugo tried with fear that new invention and found with joy that now he could pedal without losing his balance. Since then, she went everywhere with her: to buy bread (even though the bakery was around the corner), to school (even if the school was at the end of her street) and above all, to the park, where many children were already on bicycles without wheels. Of course, they were faster than him ...

- Hugo, are you sure you don't want to try again without training wheels? - His mother asked him one day when she saw him looking so seriously at the rest of the children.

- Do not! I'm very good like this. I'll wait for you downstairs, Mom.

And as he said it, Hugo dropped down the slope. Why did you want to ride a normal bike? He didn't want to lose his balance and hurt himself. In addition, he could also go very fast and win the Tour with his training wheels. To prove it, Hugo started pedaling so hard that he felt the wind ruffling his bangs peeking out from his phosphor helmet. It was an incredible feeling! It felt so good that he inadvertently closed his eyes for a moment and let himself be carried away, until a high-pitched scream surprised him so much that he almost collided with a tree. But trying to avoid it, he fell noisily to the ground.

A bunch of grumpy-faced squirrels were staring at him.

- Wild! You almost ran over one of our colleagues.

Hugo couldn't believe what he was seeing: A squirrel that was talking to him!

- Well, he's just a little boy. Look, if he even has training wheels on his bike!

That comment upset Hugo a lot. If he was old! And besides, what would those cheeky squirrels know about bicycles?

- Well, yes, I wear training shoes, but that way I don't fall.

- But you will not think of winning any race with those tiny wheels, right? Also, who said you can't fall for them? If you just fell down !!- another squirrel laughed loudly.

Hugo thought for a moment, so embarrassed that the gray squirrel felt sorry for him again.

- If you are so ashamed go with training wheels, why don't you take them off?

- Because without them I can't ride. I fall all the time and I don't like it.

- Sure, nobody likes to fall, but sometimes there is no choice. Look at us. We climb trees, jump from branch to branch, and rarely fall. But it was not always like this. When we were small and inexperienced we fell all the time. But we are not throwing in the towel. If we had ... now we could only climb the bushes. What a roll!

Hugo realized that those squirrels were right. No matter how scared it was to fall again, I had to learn to ride a bike (especially if you wanted to be a Tour winner). And Hugo was in those thoughts when the squirrels, very nervous, began to run and climb to the top of the trees.

At that moment, Hugo discovered that his mother was coming.

- Hugo, are you okay? Who were you talking to?

The little boy was about to tell him that with the squirrels, but then he thought for a moment. Would Mom believe him if he told her? After all ... grown-ups never believed such things! So instead of explaining what had happened, he simply said:

- Hey Mom ... do you think Dad will want to take off my training wheels?

Maria Bautista andRachel Blazquez
Writer and illustrator
Children's story blog
Tale in sight

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