The Misguided Monk: a beautiful short that all children should see

The Misguided Monk: a beautiful short that all children should see

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"The Misguided Monk" is a beautiful short animation that, in just three minutes and without a single dialogue, transmits to children two beautiful values, very important for their development.

Tom Long, a cartoonist and animator in the games industry, did this beautiful job as a final year project at Southampton Solent University in the UK. The simplicity of the short, however, conveys a profound message about second chances in life and the value of friendship. A short that all children should see.

An old hermit monk, living alone at the top of a mountain dedicated to meditation, one fine day is interrupted by an unexpected guest. A dog comes with a red ball between his teeth to try to play with the monk, what do you think he will do? How will he react? Watch this short with your children and discover together the important values ​​it transmits.

The monk, who does not want company, will discover the true meaning of friendship and how to take advantage of second chances when they present themselves. Tom Long uses the symbol of the red ball as a link between the two, it is the link that unites them.

This simple but effective short can help us to transmit several very important lessons to our children:

1- The value of friendship: it is affection, affection, understanding and understanding with other children. They are relationships that are born and are strengthened when we take care of them. It is a fundamental value that we must develop in our children, who have to learn social skills, but also why it is important to have friends and what we can learn with them.

It is not a matter of teaching our children that they must always be surrounded by people, there are times when they can be alone, like the monk, but isolating themselves from others will only lead to loneliness. Great moments of laughter, fun, complicity, games, learning, affection, talks and, why not, fights, negotiation and anger will be lost. It is part of human relationships.

2- Seize the moment because there are not always second chances: Life doesn't always give us second chances, a lesson learned from experience. We have to teach our children to live in the moment, because it will not return, it is the well-known "carpe diem".

A big mistake in personal development is waiting for all the conditions to be met in order to act. The ideal moment never seems to come and we end up abandoning our dreams. However, to succeed or simply to be happy and comfortable with ourselves, we have to squeeze the present. Enjoy every moment and make the most of it. A lesson that we already know, although sometimes we forget, but that we must pass on to our children. They should know that if today, they sulk with their friend and do not play with him, if they sit in a corner watching, they will have lost that opportunity to play and have fun.

Second chances in life are rare, but we do have to teach children to know how to recognize them to avoid making the same mistake as the first time.

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