When bullying goes beyond the classroom

When bullying goes beyond the classroom

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School bullying, or bullying, has always been. The point is that social networks have taken a previously isolated problem out of the classroom, extending it to all aspects of the child's life. If before the victim could take refuge in his family or friends outside of school, now the entire society participates in that violence to which he is subjected.

Bullying has become something public that has broken the barriers of the schoolyard and is displayed shamelessly on social networks. There is no longer anonymity for victims, offering, on the contrary, more power to stalkers who want to make themselves popular on the Internet, since they usually feel protected by distance.

From the very moment that those images of bullying are posted, they are saved forever and control over them is lost. That is why it is important to educate the child population about it, and never downplay violence as a standard.

Empathy between children and socialization has decreased due to the fact that the hours spent in the park playing with each other have been transferred to games on video consoles, tablets, and mobiles, with aggressive content and alone. There has been a loss of values ​​and awareness is needed on the part of teachers, parents and students of the bases of coexistence and mutual respect.

When parents learn about bullying of our child or a friend, it is usually late, so the ideal is to encourage prevention from the beginning.

1- We must foster empathy. Educate our children to respect and accept themselves as they are, assuming their defects and respecting themselves.

2- We must give them the time and space necessary daily so that can be honest, so that they find in us someone to lean on and trust.

3- We have to be attentive to possible behavior changes: if you are sadder, if you do not eat, if you do not sleep well or if you do not want to go to school.

4- You have to work both with the harassed, as with the harasser, and with the dumb witnesses who see the scene without telling it, since in them often lies the key to the problem. Your help is vitally important when the bully is not supported, since the moment others reproach him for his behavior, he will stop putting it into practice.

5- We should not buy mobile phones to our children before the age of 14, even if others have it; and if you have no other choice, have a parental control of your applications, or leave it only for calls.

6- We must demand that the government put an Awareness Plan in schools.

We must remember that two out of ten students suffer bullying in the world.

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