How to teach children to dream

How to teach children to dream

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One of the teachings that my father has always transmitted to me is the need to have a dream, something to fight for, seek, hope for ... He has always taught me, with his example, that dreams are the infallible antidote to boredom, discouragement, ingratitude ... They are the food that makes you live longer and better. Having illusions should also be in the education guide of a family. From a wish, a range of opportunities, paths and ways can be opened to carry it out. How can you teach your child to dream?

Some children dream of touching the sky, others of being a policeman, an astronaut, a teacher, a soccer player… Some children dream of flying, others of being cooks, detectives, writers… What is behind those dreams? Having illusion or desire for something is fundamentally important for the future of children. The dancer Anna Pávlova knew that she wanted to be a dancer when she was eight years old; the writer Enid Blyton, participated in her first poetry contest at the age of thirteen… And I have always dreamed of having a girl.

The aspirations of a child have no limits. They come up with great ideas and goals for their future, some even hilarious. My little brother, for example, was excited about the idea of ​​being the Durango Kid's horse (a cartoon character of his time). Also, he wanted to fly and save lives as a superman.

By nurturing children's dreams we will be helping them to build their future, to be persevering, tolerant and more resistant to frustrations. In addition, we can make them organized, understanding, and lovers of effort and work. After all, having dreams and setting goals is an essential skill in the education of children.

In this video, the self-leadership specialist, Matti hemmi, gives us some tips on what we parents can do to guide children to fight for their dreams.

It is important that we teach our children to dream and believe that nothing is totally impossible to achieve. And there is no better way than to start by telling them and sharing our dreams with them. To my daughter, for example, I always told her that she, as she is, has always been the great dream of my life. Then, if you want, you can raise a dream with your children and study ways to achieve them. Here are some ideas to educate your children's dreams:

  1. The first thing is to set an example. Parents who have no illusions about something cannot teach their children to have aspirations. The dream begins with the parents. So tell your dreams to the children, they will love to know them and have them as inspiration.
  2. Motivate a positive attitude in children so that they gain confidence in themselves and in their dreams. Nothing better than a good self-esteem for children to generate illusions, naturally.
  3. Congratulate your children for each goal achieved, for each task performed, for each dream achieved. Remind him that it is in the small goals of each day that happiness, satisfaction and joy reside.
  4. Teach your children to give thanks. Be grateful is a way of recognizing a goal achieved, a dream come true. It is a fuel for new and future dreams.
  5. Help your children to be organized, to plan and project to achieve their goals. This way they will get used to working and fighting for their dreams in a more productive and orderly way.
  6. Teach your children that not all dreams can come true. Some dreams are just to learn to get frustrated, and they come to show us that after a 'fall' there is always how to 'get up'. And that the dream are renewable and can be recycled.

Who, as a mother or father, does not want to see their children realize their dreams? Show your children how great soccer players like Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Pelé managed to realize their dreams. Let's start with us parents.Go for the dreams!

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Video: How to DREAM what YOU WANT (June 2022).


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