Fights between brothers: 3 keys to stop them

Fights between brothers: 3 keys to stop them

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There are brothers who fight absolutely for everything, for a toy, for the control of the television, to be the best, because Mom loves them the most, to enter the house first… Any excuse will do to start a fight. Conflicts between siblings are part of everyday life in houses where there are siblings. They are fights that usually happen rarely when children are young but begin to intensify around 6 years. Sometimes they are only small fights or disagreements, but, in others, the children come to serious threats and even to the hands. we are going to tell youwhy they fight, how to stop those fights and, above all, we clarify if you have to intervene or not.

1- To intervene or not to intervene in fights between siblings?

That's the big question. Some specialists explain that it is preferable to let them solve their own problems without mediating, that we do not get involved. They affirm that it is preferable not to position oneself, not to get to the middle of a fight and take sides because we can make mistakes and agree with those who do not have it. Ask them to fix their differences themselves and, if they are not able, each one to play separately until they learn to be together, you will see how they seek to be together again.

In any case, if the fights end with physical attacks, then if it is essential to intervene, but not with shouting or physical violence, do not spank one for hitting the other. Remind them that a fundamental rule is not to hit and that when they do, they will not be able to continue playing and that will have a consequence

2. Why do my children fight?

It is important to ask yourself this question in order to tackle conflicts. In many cases it will be due to the same coexistence, but in others, jealousy is responsible. If one of the brothers feels dethroned prince, it is convenient:

- Dedicate the same time to each brother so that one does not feel displaced.

- Ask the collaboration of the eldest to help us with some tasks of the baby and thus make him participate.

- And, above all, instead of turning the day into endless reproaches, scolding, yelling or anger towards one of the children, use a lot of positive reinforcement, that is, praise their successes, no matter how small. The children's response to this is spectacular.

3- How to prevent conflicts between siblings?

To avoid conflicts, we must stimulate the fraternal bond between brothers, give them footing so that they learn to get along. How?

- We can play games and activities as a family, for example parents against children, either in a board game in which they have to collaborate to win the game.

- Create an open dialogue in the family, not so that one constantly gossips about the other, but to know how each child feels and what we should reinforce.

- Create rules and limits that are clear to each brother, so that they know what will happen in those cases in which a fight gets out of hand.

One last tip: They take the conflict between siblings as something natural, do not turn your back on the problem, but do not make it a central issue in your house either.

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