The love-hate relationship of twins and twins

The love-hate relationship of twins and twins

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I am in a moment of growth of my two twin daughters in which, or I sit to delight myself with laughter with their funny surreal and imaginative conversations, or I put on some soundproofed helmets, the big and padded ones that were worn in the 80s and that I see kids on the street so much lately. And is that their relationship oscillates between love and hate in equal parts.

Since they were born they have lived intimately linked to each other; They have separated what is strictly necessary and that has caused a very special union, for good and for bad. That means when they are hot, it is a lot of fun to watch them together; They support each other, play together, laugh together, try to tell each other about their problems at school and, at just 7 years old, they give each other better advice to face the world than any doctor of psychology.

But there is also a wild side where extreme confidence means that, when one is bored, the best fun in the world is sticking your finger in the eye of the other, when not bug her to exhaustion, and that lately is very often to my regret.

They say siblings of different ages have their fights too, but really being the same age makes everything much more complicated. There is no one older to look at to begin with, but they tend to be rivals on equal terms. They also do not feel responsible for taking care of a younger brother, but they must take care of each other and that causes one to tend to dominate more than the other.

Doing homework at the same table becomes an impossible mission, especially when they are not the same tasks. The competitiveness of who is more advanced in the mathematics or social book becomes the first discussion of the day, from then on the dark clouds begin to cloud the remainder of the afternoon and, sometimes they reach hair pulling stuffed animals and, of course, hurricane screams that leave my nerves visible and crazy eyes that scare myself.

The point is that, after carrying out more conciliations than a justice of the peace, I have decided that from time to time they have to put things in their place without my help and solve their own problemsSo when I hear that they start fighting, I turn a deaf ear and, after a hundred breaths of yoga and an abstraction of the subject that the Dalai Lama did not do for about 10 minutes, it turns out that they have agreed on their own and on top of that they are laughing together.

I have realized that taking part was counterproductive because it increased their indignation at a possible injustice on my part, since many times I intervened in the middle of the discussion and did not actually know what had happened, so I punished both of them.

Having twins is a great advantage because the bond between the two sisters is so strong that it exceeds the love they feel for us. When they draw the family, the most important person is the other, and that makes them feel safe. On the other hand, as a mother, I cannot help worrying that if something happened to one of them, it would be very difficult for the other to overcome it. But leaving bad thoughts aside, I already tell you that the relationship between this type of siblings is so special, a "neither with you nor without you", which is really envious to see them.

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