Your mobile addiction makes your child feel ignored

Your mobile addiction makes your child feel ignored

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The telephone rings. It is a message from the group of mothers at the school. Obviously, you answer. You have 15 unread messages. You also make that call that you left pending. And of course, you are going to take a look at the Facebook wall. At the end, time passes without almost realizing it And you've been staring at your smartphone for an hour. Your son has called you five times. But you have ignored him.

This situation is repeated more times than we think. We do not realize it. They Yes. My daughter drew her family for school. His father cooked. His brother watched TV. And I ... well, I was on my cell phone, of course.

According to a study by AVG Technologies, 42% of children think that their parents spend more time in front of the mobile phone than playing with them. This is 4 out of 10 children. When asked, they assured that their parents answer their cell phones if they call or receive a message while they are talking to them. And they feel displaced. Often they cannot finish a sentence or their parents give them a delay every time they call because ... are busy with the smartphone or tablet.

Today's parents are like this: we are with our children in the park but our head is at work, or with friends. Y We ended up connecting to the cell phone, totally abducted. The children look on in confusion. Does your father ignore you? Why don't you answer when you call? Why don't you watch when I go up the slide? He does not take his eyes off the cell phone ... 57% of the children interviewed in this study say they would like to take their parents' cell phone away.

What consequences does it have? Obviously, the bond between parents and children is deteriorating little by little, and in the future, communication with them will become almost non-existent. What a paradox: we communicate more with the world and less with our children.

- Tell your child to draw the family and that each one is doing something at home. Did he draw you with his mobile?

- Ask your child how many hours you spend with your mobile or tablet.

- Answer yourself: when do I use my mobile or tablet? Is my son present?

- Do you use your smartphone when you eat? Are your children present?

- Do you say to your son quite often 'wait' when he calls you to answer the mobile?

If most of the answers are yes, start today by turning off your mobile more and talking more with your child. He will thank you and you will thank you for the rest of his life.

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