It was a big cat. Children's songs

It was a big cat. Children's songs

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With this song, It was a big cat, your children can learn the different names of animals and have a fun time as a family. Know the lyrics of the most popular and well-known songs for children and enjoy singing and dancing with your children. Music helps stimulate the little ones. offers us the lyrics of this beautiful children's song.

It was a big cat that rolled.
Snuggled into your pillow.
He closed his eyes, pretended to be asleep.
He wagged his tail, looking bored.
It was a little mouse, little
That the nose was sticking out through a little hole.
It disappeared, it reappeared
And give a little cry before leaving.

Came out of hiding
Ran down the carpet
And I was afraid
Even from his shadow.

When when turning around
He felt a great roar: meow!
Saw two big eyes
Of a tremendous cat.

He felt a great claw
On his tail
And he ran
All scared.

And here the story of my mouse ends.
That the nose was sticking out through a little hole.

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