Protruding ears or bat ears

Protruding ears or bat ears

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About bat ears

When a child has ears that stick out, they're called bat ears or protruding ears.

Bat ears don't usually affect your child's hearing. The main issue is likely to be your child's appearance, which might affect your child's self-esteem and body image.

Treatment for bat ears

If you notice that your child has ears that stick out when she's a newborn, her ears can be taped for several weeks. This can help them grow into the correct position. This treatment for bat ears is usually recommended before six months of age.

If your older child is bothered or embarrassed because he has ears that stick out, he can have simple surgery to improve the way his ears look.

A paediatric plastic surgeon normally does this surgery under general anaesthetic. There are different types of surgeries available.

For more information about your options, talk with your GP.


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